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Joyces Bread Suppliers

The Foods Of Athenry

Started in 2000, working in converted Agricultural buildings after making the change from a full-time dairy enterprise to a bakery this farmhouse bakery prides itself on producing healthy baked goods with love, care and absolutely no additives in sight-to the highest possible taste standards. Winners of 18 taste awards in the last 4 years, the business has expanded to included a full  Gluten Free range from 2011.

The Kitchen of Liz Gilhooly

After a long family tradition of baking we started the business in 1994. All the ingredients we use are natural and based on the recipes that were passed on from generation to generation. It is my core belief that this is what makes our products special. Unlike most contemporary bakeries mixes are not used in our products. I believe that doing so would take from the "authentic" taste of the traditional recipe.

Bacus Bearna

We are a family owned and run business based in Boleybeg Barna, and have been in business for the last 20 years. We take pride in our baking and we make our produce fresh each morning. No additives or preservatives are used in our baking which in turn adds the ‘home baking’ feel of all our products.