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Joyces Meat Suppliers

Connemara Hill Lamb

Connemara Hill Lamb was founded in 1999 to develop, market and promote a unique lamb indigenous to the Connemara region which dates back to the 1800’s.  Prior to 1999 there were no readily available markets for Connemara Hill Lamb. It was with this intention that the group was founded.
The group have, in conjunction with Teagasc, organised and conducted a training course in “Quality Hill Lamb Production”.  The main aim was to produce and develop quality lamb production.
From its very beginning the group recognised the uniqueness of its product and set about achieving Protected Geographical Indication status.

Gilligans Meats

Our business is one of the few family-owned, and run, farming and butcher operations in the country. Therefore we are in a unique position as we can control and perfect quality and consistency in our meat as well as providing the customer with assurance and traceability of all our products. Quality is of paramount importance to us and we pride ourselves in providing the customer with tender and succulent locally produced meat products.
We have been rearing beef in Roscommon for over 100 years and offer a broad range of the finest beef products.


We are a family run business specializing in the production of quality Sausages & Puddings for both retail and foodservice markets.  Our experience in making quality Irish Sausages & Puddings goes back four generations of butchers to 1934. All Loughnane sausages & puddings are made using only the best 100% Natural ingredients, carefully chosen & prepared in a traditional way.